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Dynamic Credit Repair By 35 Year Expert Tim-



Credit Expert Witness

FACTA Expert Witness

FCRA Expert Witness

FDCPA Expert Witness

*38 Years of Credit    analysis-Credit Repair

 *6000 Plus Clients* 

 *2000 Mortgages Approved  

Expert Credit Witness -

Credit Educator  *

Tim's Clients are attorneys* Credit Repair Professionals *Nicholas Cage

*Britney Spears

100% Satisfaction Warranty * 

*Insured and Bonded 

6000 Plus clients have improved their credit  

2500 have obtained NEW HOUSES/Mortgages 

Credit or Debt issues have been resolved and deleted from credit bureaus 

If an account is NOT Verifiable -FCRA states it must be DELETED * 

** Tim Bryant is an expert with credit - debt management- an expert credit witness IN COURT for over 20 cases * Tim designed this credit program to be 100% transparent - Clients see all there accounts in one place 24x7*

* Collections an issues? About to be sued? Let a tried and true expert negotiate the account - Tim has negotiated  his entire life,What you may think is hopeless - Tim may resolve for pennies or ZERO in minutes.

Mortgage Issues? Over 1500 plus mortgages approved after 90 to 120 days with Tim closely supervising each account. 

Student Loan in default? 100,s of them have been resolved in days! NOT WEEKS * 

Bankruptcy on your credit report- Is this a PRIVACY ISSUE ? Yes-DELETE IT and let Tim Explain the legality of applying for new credit* 

We believe in being 100% compliant with the law and we expect the CREDIT BUREAUS to do the same - JTBryant.com DOES EXACTLY THAT *  

Tim interviews each client- If he can not HELP OR FIX your credit issue * He will not accept your case * 

This is NOT A CREDIT REPAIR MILL* - Where you sign for 50 bucks a month and think your credit is being fixed - THIS IS A MYTH* A FRAUD * 

** Tim is now getting REFUNDS from LEXINGTON LAW * 

     See CFPB lawsuit filed against Lexington Law *

Tim Bryant has consulted  for all 3 Credit Bureaus-He knows all the ins and outs and the employees that make decisions

Tim has a simple GUARANTEE on all his work - For Credit Repair if there are NO DELETIONS /CORRECTIONS you will receive 100% of your money back less 150.00 Administration Fee for setup/mail etc - No if and or buts - Frankly - If you are not satisfied and feel that us not fair - KEEP IT ALL-Its not worth it -At 63,I want this experience to be rewarding for the both of us ** Thank you and God Bless-

Call Tim Bryant today- 682-321-6243 * Or 682-432-2832 for immediate confidential attention -Text or email * Tim loves the challenge* Chat w him via text - NO CHARGE   

Email - JT@JTBryant.com

Text/Call **-682-432-2832 / 682-321-6243* 

 Fax - 817-582-7098 No Cover required **  

Credit Repair by Tim * 


JT Bryant Inc * Credit By Tim LLC * 

Simple Facts About Credit Scores 

Our Software Picks up ALL NEGATIVE CREDIT 


of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to result in the denial of credit


of credit reports contain credit accounts that have been closed by the consumer but are reported incorrectly


of credit reports contain information that is long outdated, belongs to a stranger, or is otherwise incorrect


of credit reports contain mistakes of some kind and could be affecting your credit-

So- Fact is 8 of 9 have Credit errors effecting your LIFE* FINANCES *costing you MONEY** 

Now lets get deep a MINUTE * 

Where to start this PROCESS** Call or Text me - INTERVIEW and I will send you BORING PAPERWORK* LOL - We get started - 

NO DRAMA - Lets keep it simple * 

Who is your credit monitoring thru ??I know there is several - Ill let you know if yours is NOT ACCURATE ** 

Pick up the phone - Text or call ** We must talk to get started * 

More about me and CREDIT REPAIR ***

38 Plus Years Analyzing Credit *for the premier BMW dealership of the USA * 

I am now taking clients on a personal basis * 

Our customized software has been tested for 10 years and improved/refined every week. This allows our clients to review the results "LIVE"whenever there is an update on any of the 3 Credit Bureaus* 

No one in the USA has the personalized credit expertise and software in the Credit Industry. 

For a "PRIVATE INTERVIEW " to see if we can help you - Email or call us .

**I WILL NOT take a case that I can not HELP OR IMPROVE the credit file.

Guarantee* 100% if there are no deletions less 150.00 Admin fee for supplies ,mail etc - * My Keep it policy - Frankly if you are not happy KEEP IT ALL !!!!- 

** To keep our prices for services to a minimum ,we are NOT a member of BBB * Tim is NOT going to pay for a rating. I am NO FAN of ratings other than my customers ** 




Phone or Text :682-432-2832 **Direct to Tim * 682-321-6243